Handcrafts & Others

Water Distiller

Description: This STEM activity virtualizes the process of evaporation and distillation to students who need to create a DIY distiller and place it under the sun for a few days…

Schools: TWGHs Sin Chu Wan Primary School (P.4), 

                    Ping Shek Catholic Primary School (P.4) 

#handcrafting #watercycle #evaporation 

Back Scratcher

Description: Showing care to parents could be presented in different ways. Students design some DIY back scratchers for their parents by using recycling materials such as chopsticks, forks and dolls… 

School: Tsang Mui Millennium School (P.1)

#handcrafting #backscratcher #valuededucation #caring 

STEM & Music

Description: This STEM activity is the extension of the module ‘Light and Sound’ in General Studies. Allowing students to investigate the relations between Mathematics and Music key frequencies.

School: HKTA Wun Tsung Ng Lai Wo Memorial School (P.4)

#handcrafting #math#music #music instrument