Internet of Things (IoT)
Micro:bit-driven Greenhouse Hydroponic Device with IoT

Description: Internet of Things (IoT) is employed to monitor the environmental conditions including temperature and humidity in the chamber,  and water level of the water tank of the hydroponic device. Also, the device could show different light colours and adjust the environmental conditions automatically by programming with micro:bit…

School: Leung Shek Chee College (F2) 

#IoT #micro:bit #hydroponic #environment 

Heat Conduction Experiment with IoT Monitoring

Description: The relationship between different colours and heat conduction efficiency is investigated in this experiment. Tools such as DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, ESP32 Wifi and Bluetooth MCU and 3D-printing are adopted and the data are uploaded to Thingspeak platform for further analysis… 

School: Mu Kuang English School (F2) 

#IoT #Nano #heat conduction #DHT11 #Esp32